What are people saying about working with Ibetliza?

This was my first time doing a cleanse. I can't tell you how nervous I was but Ibetliza made things super easy. Her helpful one-on-one approach really made this a breeze. She was always available to chat for whatever I needed. The recipes were great and the ebook was full of very helpful information. I think this was a fantastic way to start on the path to healthier eating. I was struggling with foggy mind and this cleanse has given me some mental clarity and focus. I'm excited to write. I feel better and as a side effect, I lost some weight. I can't thank her enough or tell you how much this has helped. Give her a chance to help you too. I am happy to keep going and see what comes next but knowing I have her support means I am not alone. Thank you!

Milly Taiden

New York Time & USA Today Best Selling Author

I remember when I would obsess about getting on the scale every day and feel such upset as the number didn't change no matter how healthy I ate of how much I ran on that DAMN treadmill. This goddess, Ibetliza, brought to my attention the energy of worry, fear and resignation I was bringing to my body could be effecting my weight. The way I was OCDing on menus and every little thing I could put in my mouth could actually be an energy block for my body being able to release. Her advice was slow down and try eating everything in pure pleasure with absolutely no f*ing guilt and may I say her recipes are genius AF ( a few are in my book). She has created the Easy Peasy Self Love Cleanse which is all about getting support, slowing down and eating amazing clean scrumptious food that will make your body sing hallelujah.

Leora Edut

Mom & Founder of Goddess on the Go

It felt really good and a weight off my shoulders to be able to speak to someone that wouldn't judge me. Someone who can perhaps relate and understand where I was coming from. I felt a sense of hope again. I've implemented some of your suggestions and saw progress. Thank you for allowing me to show up with all of my "stuff".

Maribel Velez

Registered X-Ray Technician

This is basically the kind of regimen I had wanted to commit to before but it had not felt possible to do alone. During the cleanse, I was able to try so many yummy new recipes and surprisingly I did not feel hungry at all. I felt so loved and well supported. Above all, I feel lighter, less anxious and best of all I feel free(er) from mucous. I am going to continue to have a dairy free diet and am looking forward to more lightness and clarity. Thank you, Ibetliza!


Rodan and Fields Consultant

My amazing sistah-friend and fellow Dominican mami (Super-Mom of three to be exact) created and awesome 10 day cleanse. I started it last weekend and although mine was more like 5 and a half days (I fell for tacos and beer), it has definitely upped my game around food and cooking meals that are delicious, healthy and easy to make. Plus it's a no-fuss, no-stress, type of cleanse because who wants to be doing the most these days?! If you're looking for a quick reset and some fresh new meal recipes- check her out!

Monica Rosario

Financial Consultant and CEO of Bird & Anchor Self Care/Travel Products

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