Allow Yourself to Be Supported

Sister & Motherhood
Support Circles

Sister Circle - A monthly sister circle gathering where we de frag and celebrate the sacredness of our lives as women. 

Motherhood Support Circle - A monthly Motherhood Circle where Together we decode the the unspoken languages of Motherhood. Emotional support; Structures and Time Management skills to create balance with your Self and at Home. 

Self Care & Spiritual


One on one Coaching. The Foundation of this work is set thru Intention, Prayer, Self Care and Rituals.

Young Women
Empowerment Groups

The Foundation of this group is thru Self care Regimen, a strong affirmation practice, dance parties, Nutritional support

Private  Events

Quarterly events for women to come together and slow down to enjoy pleasures of life; with featured guest speakers on all topics that concern women.

Let's Get to Know Each Other

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