A Bit About Ibetliza

Ibetliza Frias is a lover and promoter of all things Holistic and female empowerment through consistent Self Care regimens. She began her own healing journey in her early twenties while on the pathway to self - awareness. She had a deep yearning for connection, contentment and acceptance. As an introvert, she did not necessarily feel she fit in and shied away from social settings, choosing to spend time alone. 


Her entire mental dynamic shifted when  a close friend invited her to a sister circle. A female gathering of this nature had been a foreign concept to her up until then. Sister Circles changed Ibetliza's life; they became a vehicle for self love and connection. She began to uncover her authenticity and created a place of trust and sanctuary where she experienced deep healing of covered wounds. She said goodbye to negative emotional constructs like unworthiness, the need to hide and denying herself life's pleasures.


Ibetliza relished the new journey she was ascending to through the rituals of Circle. She immersed herself in guiding books, soul regimens and creating an empowering tool chest. She now moved through life with energetic confidence and endless self love.


Based on this soul stirring work, Ibetliza has cultivated a natural way of inspiring women. She uses her life experiences to guide them towards and enriched and fulfilling path. Her mission is to convey the secrets to having it all through sacred self care and a living spiritual relationship with self. She is committed to passing on the gifts of self awareness and a lighted path to more and better. *

*credit to writer Ms. Laila Walker